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The Everlink range of advanced fuel and fluid management systems are designed and manufactured here in New Zealand by Kiatronics.
Everlink's robust & quality products are widely used in the Rail & Heavy Transport Industry and by Coach and Bus Lines throughout New Zealand & Australia.
COVID 19 Update: To all our Everlink users, please note our factory will be closed during the shutdown. However our technical support team will still be answering your queries. Phone 0800 001 640 or email support@everlink.co.nz
The majority of spare parts should still be able to be dispatched if in stock but courier services will be delayed. Contact us if you need anything urgently. Please bear with us during this time.
Family owned and operated since 2001 and located in Tauranga New Zealand, with Everlink we empower our industry partners with innovative management solutions for their diesel, oil & additives requirements.
Our Everlink web based software is a 100% cloud based system, with full multi user capabilities accessible from any device with a web browser, enabling it to be utilised from anywhere in the world.
So you and your team can manage your fuel usage on the go.
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