Everlink LITE Management Software 

Everlink LITE software can be used for managing one or multiple sites in conjunction with the Kialink data transfer module.


PC software application runs from the handheld Kialink module so you have no software to load and no hassles. Up to 500 users are possible and up to 5 different security profile options are possible per system. 


Fuel transaction data is downloaded wirelessly from your Everlink unit onsite on to your Kialink module. Once back at the office you simply plug the Kialink module into your office PC and upload the data to your spreadsheet software.

Everlink LITE software is configurable to give you a range of fuel and additive access options and reporting functionality.

 The LITE software is upgradeable to the Everlink AFM cloud based software with our click in 3G, 4G 5G or CATM communication modules if you decide in future to upgrade your existing LITE units to Everlink AFM units. 

Everlink can grow with your business.




Featuring single or dual ID's to capture either or both personnel and equipment information.

Manage User and Asset Groups
Easily update staff or equipment information
Export & customise your reporting in spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel

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