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Everlink AFM Management Software 

Kiatronics's new web based Everlink customised software interface has been designed by the dedicated people at Glassbox Ltd.


Located in Palmerston North, New Zealand, and established in 2009, Glassbox's very experienced team of developers have accumulated many years of work in building software business solutions for retail & specifically the petroleum retail industry throughout New Zealand and globally. 


Glassbox have identifed system stability, simplicity and customer support as integral factors in the success of their company and this fits in perfectly with the ethos of Kiatronics as a business and the Everlink product.

Everlink's Web Based Software

Everlink's online software is a 100% cloud based system, with full multi user capabilities accessible from any device with a web browser, enabling it to be utilised from anywhere in the world. So you and your team can manage your fuel usage on the go. 


Being web based eliminates any need for a dedicated server or PC. This will reduce your overheads, enable the system to be accessed by multiple staff members at any one time, and eliminate the need for time wasting back ups.


Everlink software will also give you more reporting functionality and faster access to your historical data.  Now available. Contact us today to upgrade.




Manage Users and Assets

Everlink AFM supports up to 8,000 User/Vehicle IDs as standard. IDs include Fuel Cards, RFID tags, wireless RF tags and barcodes.

Manage User and Asset Groups

Everlink AFM supports any number of User/Vehicle security profiles. This unique management method means you have extensive security options.

Comprehensive Reporting

There are many useful standard reports as well as a comprehensive report builder. Simply click the report and choose the date range. Data can be exported to any spreadsheet.

Manage and Monitor Tanks

Manager user timings, fuel delivery, email alerts and more for all your tanks within your enterprise.

Manage User Data Entry

Custom Labels are a very important and powerful function, determining what security requirements users must undertake to access fuel and what you will see in your reports.

Manage Base Control Units/Tanks

Manage all parameters on the BCUs from advanced administrator privileges within the software. 

Single or dual ID's to capture either or both personnel and equipment information.