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Everlink AFM fluid management system
Everlink AFM fuel management system - surface mounting
The Everlink range of intelligent fluid management products 
Everlink is an advanced range of security access and management solutions that protect your company's fuel and monitors fluid consumption. Everlink units are easily fitted to any stationary or mobile tank. Now available with auto dip.

Everlink AFM


Everlink AFM is the benchmark in the fuel monitoring industry. By design, Everlink AFM is supplied stacked with innovative features and functionality not seen in other fuel management solutions.

It's been thoroughly proven from it's years of very successful use throughout New Zealand & Australia railway, coachlines and heavy transport industries, to be a robust, reliable and intelligent system.

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Everlink Dispenser


Everlink Dispenser is a self contained all in one dispenser and fluid management unit specifically designed for bulk fluid users. 

Purpose built for the unique requirements of the rail, heavy and commercial transport sectors.

For more information on this product click through to our Everlink Dispenser page.

Everlink ATG - Automatic Tank Gauging

Everlink ATG


Everlink ATG is our automatic tank gauging system more commonly known throughout the fuel industry as auto dip. Utilising Everlink AFM's cloud based Everlink management software to enable easy tracking of tank levels and providing your company with an advanced range of reporting capabilities.




Everlink AFM is built on industry standards. Communications supported are GSM/3G/C4g/CAT-M1, Ethernet Lan/WAN, Wireless LAN/WAN, GPRS Support.

Latest Technology & Components


Everlink AFM is built on the latest technology and high quality components available, manufactured to ISO 9001 International Standards.

Retrofitted to any Pump/Bowser


Because Everlink AFM supports all industry standard technologies, flowmeters and pumps, it can be retrofitted to any existing pump/bowser environment.