How it works
Everlink is easy to use. In it's most basic form, the user simply swipes a proximity key/tag across the reader. The pump starts and the vehicle is filled. The user replaces the nozzle. The pump stops. The data is transferred to your administration system. It's as simple as that.

With a vast array of user and security configurations, the Everlink AFM is extremely flexible and is sure to exceed your expectations.  

Available user options include: 

  • individual personnel tags

  • fixed vehicle and asset tags

  • magnetic stripe fuel cards eg. BP, Caltex, Mobil & Z

  • long range active RFID tags. 

Tags can be programmed to integrate with company asset numbers and/or registration plate numbers to provide superior data and reporting.

Everlink system comprises the following components:


  • The Everlink Base Control Unit  (BCU)

  • Everlink ID Readers (RFID, Magnetic Card, RF, Bar Code)

  • Everlink ID Tags, Cards and Transmitters.

  • GSM wireless, Wifi or LAN connection.

  • Everlink administration cloud software for system management.

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Who uses Everlink?
Everlink offers a solution for any company or organisation that uses bulk Diesel, Oil, AdBlue or other additives.
Everlink fuel management for buses
  • Transport firms

  • Fuel supply companies

  • Earthmoving businesses

  • Agricultural businesses

  • Quarries

  • Roadwork companies

  • Airports

  • Government departments

  • Contruction businesses

  • Port authorities

  • Local body councils

  • Bus companies

  • Mining companies

  • Railway Networks

  • Civil Engineering firms

Everlink fuel management for railways
Everlink fuel managment for civil engineering companies
Everlink fuel management for airport transport
Everlink fuel management for trucking industry
Everlink fuel management for earthmoving companies