Everlink - Accessories
We offer a range of related peripherals to enhance the use of our Everlink units including magnetic stripe card readers, RFID tags, long range RFID tags, bluetooth tags and our Everlink tag reader wands.

Magnetic Stripe Card Readers 

We have a range of  Everlink card reader options. 

Insert card readers are supplied ready mounted in a specialised powdercoated housing. These come in two different versions to suit either the flush mount or surface mount Everlink units.

Also available are high quality Brush brand 'bolt on' swipe through card readers. These are rated for harsh environments and are waterproof to IP67.




Everlink flush mount card reader

Everlink RFID Tags 

Available to suit users, equipment or vehicles, 

the Everlink RFID tag range includes, keyring type tags which can be used by personnel and vehicle users either on their own or in a combination with pin numbers and/or fuel cards to access the Everlink system. 

Disc tags are available that can be affixed easily to locomotives, buses or trucks. The disc tags are used in conjunction with our Everlink RFID wands.

Everlink AFM Surface Mount with card reader

Everlink Long Range Bluetooth Tags 

Designed to be installed beside the filling point on any equipment,

the Everlink long range bluetooth tag is suitable for light commercial and heavy industrial use where automatic asset identification is required.





Everlink RFID Wands

Used in the heavy transport and rail sectors,

our Everlink RFID wands are used to read our fixed disc tags. Available in a range of different LED and button configurations to suit all sites.


Everlink RFID Wand