Everlink Micro

Everlink Micro is our economical single pump, fuel management solution suited to smaller enterprises and with greater portability for mobile tank usersEverlink Micro is easily fitted to any stationary or mobile tank, and comes in a range of controller versions to cover mains powered, vehicle powered and solar powered applications. 
With the Micro fuel management system you still get the benefits of the full range of Everlink cloud software capability and access features. 

Everlink Micro  - Proudly designed and made in New Zealand

Our Everlink Micro series of controllers are built super tough,  with the highest quality components. You won't find any mild steel or plastic enclosures or plastic flip up lids on an Everlink Micro. All enclosures are high-quality powder-coated stainless steel and our vandal-proof keypads have stainless steel backlit keys for easy use at night. A monochrome sunlight readable graphics LCD displays all information and clear instructions in a large text format, making it one of the easiest systems available to use. All models are designed to be mounted in all weather and environmental conditions.

Five new Micro models are available including:

  • Mains Powered, flush mount or surface mount

  • Solar Powered, flush mount or surface mount

  • Vehicle Powered, flush mount or surface mount

  • Low Voltage 12-24VDC flush mount or surface mount

  • MC70 Retrofit

Whether it is diesel, oil, adblue, coolants, water or any other additive, you can manage it with the Everlink Micro. As a single pump system, it is non-expandable so if you want the advantage of monitoring more than one pump, or multiple liquids, our Everlink AFM system will suit your needs.  The Everlink Micro is ready to deliver, with its small footprint and extensive features, you won't be disappointed.  

Everlink's cloud based administration software eliminates any need for a dedicated server or PC. This will reduce your overheads, enable the system to be accessed by multiple staff members at any one time, and eliminate the need for time wasting back ups. Advanced reporting features and easy access to historical data are just two of the many features of the software. 




Everlink Micro surface mount
Everlink Micro Solar Surface Mount with flowmeter

Everlink Micro features:


  • Full stainless steel construction

  • Back lit stainless steel keypad.

  • Monochrome graphics display with white backlight

  • Built in RFID reader

  • Multiple mounting options

  • Single pump support, non-expandable

  • Real time (online) intuitive management software.

  • Seamless integration with most existing and new pumping equipment.

  • Multiple ID types can be used on a single system. 

  • Dual tank ATG (auto dip) compatible

  • Up to 8000 users per enterprise.

  • Up to 100 security profiles (how fuel is accessed) per enterprise.

  • 80K and full life transaction memory buffers, never lose a transaction.

  • Battery backed, never lose part transactions on power failure.

  • 4G, CAT-M1 & LAN communication options provide optimum coverage range. 

  • Extensive reporting capabilities.

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2020-07-08 16.12.41.jpg
Everlink Micro MC70 Retrofit
Please feel free to contact us for more information on how Everlink Micro 
can benefit your business.

Outstanding flexibility with multiple ID formats to access your fuel and additives.