Everlink ATG - Automatic Tank Gauging (Auto Dip)
Everlink ATG is our range of automatic tank gauging products, commonly known as auto dips.
They connect to our cloud based Everlink AFM management software to enable easy tracking of tank levels.
Everlink solar power automatic tank gauging unit with auto dip

Everlink ATG features:


  • Available in two models: Solar powered direct tank top mounting and mains powered surface mounting.

  • Multiple sensing technologies available to suit different environments and different fluids such as Adblue.

  • Custom tank sensing depths available from 1 to 30 metres. 

  • Updates on level change, and hourly providing live feedback of tank level.

  • Standard lead acid battery in solar unit, safe and inexpensive to replace.

  • 3G, 4G, 5G and CATM communication options provide optimum coverage reach.

  • 316 stainless steel and UV resistant ABS construction.

  • Supports dual tanks, halves the cost! eg. diesel and Adblue.

  • Email and SMS alerts for overfill, delivery level and low level.

  • Daily tank level email reports.

  • Fuel supplier access to tank level data.